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Crazy Times

Thursday, June 24th, 2004 · No Comments

Last week was intense (so much so that I’m only now getting around to doing a recap).

Here’s the abridged, one-sentence version: We closed on the house just over a week ago (Monday), Jen was laid off the next day (Tuesday; how’s that for timing?), went out for happy hour (Thursday), had my brother Pete and his friend Matt in town (Friday-Sunday), watched the Giants-Red Sox game at Peabody’s (Friday night), painted the guest room in our new house with Jen leading the charge and with the help of Pete and Matt (Friday and Saturday), created a Web site for Pete’s business venture (Saturday night), went out for some drinks with more friends (Saturday night), then put some final touch-up paint on the room (Sunday).

This week has been a bit more chill as we prepare for moving day next week. We’re having all the floors refinished at our new house this week, so we can’t move in just yet. They seem to be making pretty good progress, as we’ve been stopping by each day to check on things, get the mail, and make sure none of our plants are dying (yet). The dogs also like to tear around in the yard.

Monday night we picked up our new furniture in Albany with the help of Jen’s parents, then went out for dinner with them at the Albany Pump Station. We’re so far procrastinating the finishing of our packing. We will likely finish at the last minute.

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