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Sunday, July 18th, 2004 · No Comments

Finally I had the burst of energy and motivation today that I’d been trying to muster up since moving into our new house. Shortly after waking up, walking the dogs, and enjoying the morning coffee and Sunday paper at the breakfast table now in the kitchen (formerly my way too small work desk), there was talk of diving into painting the dining and living rooms, though we hadn’t yet settled on colors. Then it hit me: It was time to get the house in order.

I realized that in order to focus on everything and feel good about life in general, the house needed to be in order; I needed to get my Chi in check. And that starts at home. So Jen and I spent the next few hours powering through the unpacking and cleaning of one room at a time — the bedroom, the upstairs bathroom, the hall closet, the kitchen, the living room, the back porch, the office. We moved a bunch of shit down to the dungeon, and it feels good. My Chi is now balanced.

Jen did some Photoshop work to see what the living and dining rooms would like like in various colors, and I think we’re close to making a decision. Selecting paint is no easy task. It’s almost like deciding on which wedding invitation to use. We’re hoping to get both rooms painted before our upcoming housewarming party. And, of course, cleaning for the party will be much easier now if we just keep things in order. I took a few boxes of books to the basement since we’re lacking a living room bookcase.

The weekend aside, the past week was pretty uneventful, though it marked the second week in a row of super-business at work (this is good). I got a much-needed haircut on Monday night.

Friday night turned into a wonderful impromptu date for me and Jen. We had some martinis at Nine Maple, went for a walk in Congress Park where we rode the gorgeous carousel (Gabe rides the pony | Jen rides the pony), then had a greasy supper at the Parting Glass.

Yesterday we did our part for the economy, finding and purchasing a new futon with frame for our guest room (to be delivered next week), and a gas grill, which we successfully assembled. (We were planning to cook dinner on it tonight, but it’s pouring outside as I type.) Last night we met up with Justin for some drinks at a local bar (where a student of my father-in-law from 1973 was having drinks and dinner with his wife), followed by Galactic bowling at the local alley. We were the only ones there, so we got to bowl one game for free before they shut it down (I bowled a 151 with four strikes and a spare). Then, following a stop at the Chopper, we hung out the rest of the night at Joe’s pad, playing this awesome bicycle game on PS2 that’s hidden in Mister Mosquito.

All in all, a super-fun weekend with tons of progress around the house.

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