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Beauty, Dogs, & Love

Friday, September 3rd, 2004 · No Comments

It’s easy to forget in these heated times that life truly is beautiful. Mark Morford, as always, has a brilliant and moving and reflective commentary today on connecting with art and dogs and the one universal thing that we all share, despite our politics or race or religion or sexual preference: Love.

Below are selected excerpts (be sure to read the column in its entirety):

    “I am searching for a few good things.

    “Things to counteract, to dissolve the simmering dread, to deflect the waves of nausea and karmic pain induced by the incessantly depressing media maelstrom and the appallingly hateful gloat of the GOP convention and by the most tyrannical administration and least articulate American president in 100 years. You know how it is.

    “It comes in all shapes and sizes and colors and smells. And here’s the thing: When you start to look, when you finally turn away from the news feeds and the embarrassing Fox News propaganda, and begin to re-notice the wide array of genuine voices of hope and progress and dissent in the country, all the creative types operating off the media grid and striving like calm dedicated Zen-like maniacs to make the world better and to carve out a slice of humanity amidst the clamor and the rabid postindustrial capitalistic cry, well, you begin to feel a little better. A little.

    “And there are, of course, dogs. Oh my God yes. And what of all the amazing and open-hearted people who run all those dog shelters and rescues, people so generous of spirit and kind of heart and who feel so disenfranchised that they’ve chosen, as so many are wont to do these days, to switch away from people entirely and focus on a breed that doesn’t give a good goddamn how angry your God is and will love you no matter what your hair looks like or how painful that tumor of anxiety in your heart? Pure salvation, that is.

    “And then it hits you all over again for the very first time: This stuff, love and alt-media and dogs and music, it is everywhere. When you look just a tiny bit deeper, just past the screaming rhetoric and the legalized homophobia and the ugly foreign policy and the mad incessant race for money and power, you begin to realize that all these seemingly small gems and tiny random oases of hope are, in fact, much larger, and more potent and more common than you realized. You just, you know, tend to forget.”

The above excerpts are from Where Is Your Hallowed Balm? Music? Yoga? Porn?

(Thanks, Glenn, for the pointer.)

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