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Debunking the Flip-Flop Charge

Friday, September 24th, 2004 · 3 Comments

The Chronicle has an interesting piece that debunks the pillar of the Bush campaign — Kerry’s alleged flip-flopping.

Flip-flopping charge unsupported by facts / Kerry always pushed global cooperation, war as last resort:

    “No argument is more central to the Republican attack on Sen. John Kerry than the assertion that the Democrat has flip-flopped on Iraq.

    “President Bush, seated beside Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, said Tuesday: ‘My opponent has taken so many different positions on Iraq that his statements are hardly credible at all.’

    “The allegation is the basis of a new Bush campaign TV ad that shows the Democratic senator from Massachusetts windsurfing to the strains of a Strauss waltz as a narrator intones: ‘Kerry voted for the Iraq war, opposed it, supported it and now opposes it again.’

    “Yet an examination of Kerry’s words in more than 200 speeches and statements, comments during candidate forums and answers to reporters’ questions does not support the accusation.”

(Thanks, Glenn, for the link.)

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  • 1 Jordan // Sep 24, 2004 at 12:21 pm

    I’m not sure if flip-flop is the right term, but Kerry’s stance on the Iraq war isn’t what it should have been or should be. Kerry is clearly anti-war in principle. I think it’s very hard to deny that. Yet he’s sugar-coating his stance.

    So why did this war-as-a-last-resort personality vote in favor of the Iraq War Resolution (as did Edwards)? Why did this war-as-a-last-resort candidate state that even knowing what he knows now, “Yes, I would have voted for the authority. I believe it was the right authority for a president to have.” So Kerry didn’t support the war, but even knowing the President would use the Iraq War Resolution as congressional approval for military action he voted in favor of it.

    We don’t like politicians that lie, and yet we’re praying to God that Kerry is distorting his message so he can get some of the pro-war people to vote for him so he can get into office. The ends justify the means, right?

  • 2 Alan Manning // Sep 24, 2004 at 12:35 pm

    As you know, I’ve had a lot of computer trouble lately. These troubles started with, but are not limited to, the installation of a piece of garbage version of AOL called “Strauss.”

    Anyway, I’ve got an idea. In the spirit of open-mindedness, I propose that from October 1st through the 7th, you and I switch.

    If you are open to this, I will listen to liberal talk radio (Al Frankinstein and the whole bit), read’s content every day, and so on. In turn, I’ll expect you to feed off of my sources. It can’t hurt to broaden your horizons, right???

    Let me know. Also, feel free to post and talk about this chalange. Thanks!!!! -alan

  • 3 Jordan // Sep 24, 2004 at 12:38 pm

    Okay, while out searching I cam across this article which I really liked:
    “Would Kerry Vote Today for the Iraq War? No.” –