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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004 · 2 Comments


At our small-town polling place this morning, Jen was Voter #95. I was Voter #96. And it’s only 8am. The polls opened at 6am. Voters #97 through 100 were waiting in line while I voted. That’s 50 voters per hour in the first two hours of voting. That’s 2.5 votes per minute. And this is at one small precinct in a city with a population of only 26,000. This is a good sign that we’re well on track to reach my prediction of record voter turnout today.


I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked that my vote for Kerry-Edwards was locked and loaded. Here in New York, that means a pulled lever and a red X next to the selection. For New York State Senator, I voted not for incumbent Democrat Chuck Schumer but for Green Party challenger David McReynolds. For the House, I went for District 20 challenger Doris Kelly over incumbent Republican John Sweeney. New York Assembly: Lawrence Ratcliffe, District 110. The two other positions on my ballot, New York Senate (Joe Bruno) and Saratoga County Town Justice, spotlighted unchallenged Republicans, so I abstained.


Let’s talk for a moment about the fucked up voting system in this country. Some of the positions on my ballot featured Republcans as Independent, Working Family, and Conservative candidates. So in one case, U.S. House incumbent Republican Sweeney was featured not just once, but three times on my ballot. Ridiculous, if you ask me.


I heard on CNN yesterday that in one poll, my age bracket (18-30) favors Kerry-Edwards more strongly than any other age group (it was about 58% to 25% or something along those lines). That’s powerful stuff. Get out the vote. We can make a difference. Young people are the future, so in many ways, this election is more important for us than other age groups. Who’s dying in Iraq? Who will foot the bill for paying down our record deficit? Who will be breathing the polluted air on this earth for the next 50+ years?

Young people.


In related news, major props to Dan for his work this week in Palm Beach County, Florida. Among his highlights of the experience: “Having an elderly Republican ‘run’ after me, shouting ‘I’ll break your legs you damn democrat!'”


Another shoutout to Shannon and Mike, who are also fighting the good fight with in Florida.


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  • 1 Terrebel // Nov 2, 2004 at 5:40 pm

    Although I’m Dutch and live in The Netherlands (In the provence called North-Holland to be more precise) and therefore I basically have nothing to do with the American presidential elections I’n happy to see so many Americans decided it’s a good thing to use their right to vote, whatever the outcome.
    In my English blog (which I mainly hold to accomodat my non-Dutch friends abroad) I may seem a bit prejudiced but aren’t we all?
    Anyways I express the hope “the stongest man in the world”will not be a member of the Bush-clan.
    But that’s my opinion.

  • 2 dan // Nov 4, 2004 at 11:48 am


    I don’t have the energy to go into it now, but cross endorsements (the reason Sweeney was on your ballot three times) are actually good things. They let small parties like Working Families demonstrate their political power to big politicians and run their own people for small local races. It helps build multiparty democracy.

    But I’m done with politics. At least for this month.