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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004 · No Comments

I returned last night from four days and three nights in the Big Apple. Well, one of those nights was at Heather and Saahil’s great new place in Hoboken, but close enough to NYC. The trip was for both work and play, and I certainly managed to pack a lot into just a handful of days.

Saturday night Jen and I had dinner with Heather, Saahil, Karen, Joti, and Shrey at a place called House of Duck on 53rd St. Then we hit a Vassar party at Luahn’s on 5th Ave. The “formerly posh club” owned by Stephen Baldwin appeared to have seen better days. Sitting in our corner booth, we laughed at the prospect of paying $325 for a bottle of Grey Goose. Maybe if you’re Jay-Z. It was cool to see folks like Phil, Ben, Anna, Peter, David, Jessica, Trel, Annie, and Jennifer.

Dan and I finally got the chance to hang out, after many unsuccessful attempts at meeting up in either Saratoga or NYC. Glenn joined us for some drinks, too.

It was great seeing you all. Don’t be a stranger here in Saratoga, either.

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