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Projects a Many

Monday, November 22nd, 2004 · No Comments

This weekend brought one small project after another. Busy weekends make the days seem longer. When the sun has set by 5pm, this is a welcome treat.

Weekend projects included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Going out to the Wine Bar and Tin ‘n Lint Friday night with Justin
  • Treating ourselves to new DVDs (Elf & Buffy Season 7)
  • Watching Elf and first 4 episodes from Buffy Season 7
  • Buying a smaller new rug (4×6) to go with the larger one
  • Going grocery shopping
  • Making a most excellent Indian feast (this was all Jen; I just made the samosa dippin’ sauce)
  • Washing the smelly dogs
  • Getting the car washed
  • Cleaning the house
  • Catching up on my email
  • Cleaning up and synchronizing of data on my PCs in preparation for reformatting of drives, reinstallation of operating systems , and implementation of backup strategy (and in the process, realizing that my spindle of DVD-Rs aren’t recognized by my DVD-R drive)

Input on that last one greatly appreciated.

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