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Monday, December 20th, 2004 · No Comments

Dear California Friends: Aren’t you jealous that you don’t get to partake in the ass-cold Northeast winters like I now do? My treemometer reads 8 degrees this morning and the Weather Channel tells me it’s -1 degree (maybe my treemometer froze?) and feels like -26 degrees. That’s right, my friends: Feels like minus twenty-six degrees after wind chill.

Last week I wrote about how 20 degrees is significantly colder than 40. Let’s just say that this morning is a hell of a lot colder than that. And my hands, snug inside my big ski gloves, still got cold while walking the dogs. It may soon be time to bust out the inner Goretex glove liners. It makes this post, wherein I wrote about its being a “chilly 44,” seem laughable.

This weekend was marked by the kindness of friends. Saturday Nat helped me (well, “help” is a stretch since he did all the work aside from a few cranks of the jack on my part) change my oil on the Scoob. The mileage, which I forgot to note in my obsessive ways, was around 50,300. Mobil 1 5W-30 synthetic oil 6-quart pack from BJ’s is about 24 bucks and a genuine Subaru for-turbo-cars oil filter is about 7. Requiring nearly 5 quarts of oil and 1 filter brings the do-it-yourself total to about 27 bucks, nearly 20 less than what I normally pay for a synthetic change at the shop. Thanks again, Nat!

Last night we went to Justin’s house for hours of PS2 entertainment, including classics like Britney’s Dance Beat (at which I’m strangely unbeatable), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Champions of Norrath, which Jen fondly dubbed Elfin Dressup. Having purchased the new, slim PS2 over the weekend, Justin kindly bestowed upon Jen and me his old PS2, my first “new” game system since my Super Nintendo (which, by the way, is currently hooked up in my living room). Thanks, man. You rock. (And now Jen can’t blame me when the PS2 interferes with our marriage.)

Friday night we went down to Albany to see Finding Neverland with Alex. We all agreed it was a bit too much on the sweet side, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. I even felt a tear or two. After the movie we grabbed some drinks near Lark Street.

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