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MBNA Debates

Sunday, December 26th, 2004 · No Comments

If you haven’t noticed, there’s some good discussion going on in my Buh-Bye, MBNA post. Someone who calls herself Kalora started the debate by slinging insults my way (telling me “get a clue” and to “grow up”) because she seems to think that my eyes are not “wide open,” like hers apparently are. I shot back with this, to which she replied by quoting her husband, who thinks I am a “pinko Commie Neo Clintonite.” Awesome.

Then she started speaking in code, I think, in writing this: “PPS IOW U B A ‘TARD. Here’s your sign.” Anyone know what that means?

In my latest response, I’ve broadened the playing field, citing many of the battles I choose to fight in support of causes I support. Your move, Kalora.

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