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SOTU Parsing Tool

Thursday, February 10th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Want to see a visual representation of all of Bush’s State of the Union speeches? Want to compare and visually map the occurrences of a pair of words? Check out the State of the Union Parsing Tool, which is very cool technology that does exactly this. You can even mouseover your highlighted text to read the word occurrences in context of each speech.

You can see how much Bush loves the concepts of freedom and liberty (54-14). Compare his Saddam favoritism over that other terrorist guy — what’s his name? Oh yes, Osama bin Laden (26-1). Discover the revealing truth that Bush is more concerned with marriage (the “defense” of it because, you know, my marriage feels so threatened lately by other in-love couples wanting to wed) than the environment (12-9). Nuclear (or, in Bush-speak, “nucular”) vs. North Korea (22-7), despite the fact that North Korea openly admits to having nuclear weapons.

Try the tool for yourself. And share any interesting word combos you discover.

[ via Mere Sketches ]

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