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Million Dollar Booby

Friday, March 4th, 2005 · 1 Comment

New car or used booby? Yesterday the auction for stripper Tawny Peaks’ implant was up to nearly $17,000. Today it’s gone back down to about $11,000. Who has that kind of money to blow on used silicone?


Here’s the live auction and here’s my archive of it (for preserving this piece of strange history when eBay eventually takes down the page).

[ via CNN Money ]

We made the mistake last night of leaving Happy alone for a bit too long while playing some Elfin Dressup at Justin’s house. He’s had the shits since we picked him up from the farm on Tuesday evening (and Stella the pukes). We arrived home to find not just a gift from Happy, but the blinds pulled off our front door and chewed up. He also went to town on another set of blinds in the kitchen as part of his desperate attempt to get outside. Good Happy.

Jonty recently quipped about why we moved from the Bay Area to upstate NY. There were many reasons, of course (financial, family, buying a house, no traffic), but in pondering this question the past couple days I’ve really started to notice things that reinforce the “why.”

Yesterday I rode my bike into town for a haircut. I locked it up next to two other bikes that were just parked at the bike rack (no locks).

This morning while walking the dogs I came upon some major commotion at an intersection. I thought, “Oh no, did someone die in a car accident? Did the cops apprehend a criminal?” Nope. Someone had driven an SUV onto a lawn and left it there. Not into the house. Just on the lawn. No damage. No injuries. Just an abandoned vehicle. There were two cop cars, two tow trucks, two camera crews, and a small gathering of onlookers. Traffic, consisting of a few cars in either direction, was backed up.

When chimps attack.

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  • 1 Jordan // Mar 4, 2005 at 5:41 pm

    I remember when I was working Denver pulling up outside the office in the summer and all the locals would have their cars outside unattended with the car windows rolled down (due to the heat). Not cracked an inch, but the windows were fully rolled down. The car would have the stereo inside and CDs strewn about, change in the ashtray. I would just be amazed that they had no fear of some hoodlum going to town on it. So I would steal there change, just to prove a point…