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Weekend Recap

Monday, March 7th, 2005 · No Comments

I get more and more in trouble these days with the likes of Jonty and other faithful readers when I don’t do my usual morning blog post. So here it is on Monday evening…

Friday night we headed to Justin’s place for pizza, beer, and Elfin Dressup (’cause we haven’t done that before this winter). Little did we know how close we were to beating the game. Bear in mind we already beat the first Elfin Dressup (Champions of Norrath). This was the second installment (Champions: Return to Arms) that we were to conquer that night. We did. So then we imported our original characters from the first game and started from the beginning, albeit the next hardest level. That game is like crack.

Saturday we did stuff around the house (cleaning, contract work, and the like) before heading to Roadhouse 29, a new venture of fellow Vassar alums Gordon Sacks and Tim Cartwright and a friend of theirs. RH29 offers excellent grub and drinks in a 50s-style setting. The trio has done a superb job of fixing up the old building and I look forward to my next visit.

Sunday Jen headed south for a stitch ‘n bitch with her high school friends. Any guesses as to whether or not I attended? It gave me a chance to chill out at home, finish some contract work, and watch snippets of bad movies (Torque, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton) and CSI: Miami.

And tonight we watched the existential comedy about everything and nothing and the meaning of life, I Heart Huckabees. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Man selling 9/11 flag to cover his cancer treatment (eBay auction | Screenshot)

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