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Rise and Shine

Saturday, April 16th, 2005 · No Comments

I woke up, energized and alert, at 6:30 AM this morning. This is rare for me on a weekday, let alone a Saturday with nothing on the calendar. I had fallen asleep shortly after 11 PM last night, not long after Bill Maher’s opening monologue on Real Time. I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind wandered about everything I wanted to do today (walk, run, rollerblade, read). So I got out of bed, did sit-ups and push-ups, made coffee, walked the dogs with Jen, made waffles, then we went on a guided 2-hour nature and wildflower walk through Saratoga Springs State Park. We spent the rest of this afternoon picnicking in our front yard and soaking in the nearly 70-degree spring sun.

nature_walk.jpg nature_walk_tree.jpg

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(Sadly and strangely, all these nature walk photos ended up at a mere 1024×768 resolution, since the camera was somehow switched from its usual 5 megapixel, 2592×1944 resolution. No matter, I suppose; I never put any photos online higher than 700×525 anyway.)

Two years ago today I was recalling my first experience teaching (at UC Berkeley Extension).

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