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Mouse in the House

Monday, April 18th, 2005 · No Comments

Yesterday was another gorgeous, sunshiny day. We spent more time in the front yard, enjoying the sun and all that spring has to offer. We ran some errands, then my mother-in-law came over for our third BBQ of the season. Before eating, we walked around Congress Park, where it really felt like summer, and enjoyed a stroll down Broadway, where people were teeming everywhere.

We returned to the house and fired up the grill. It was so warm that we had left the back door open most of the day for the dogs to run in and out as they pleased. After a delicious dinner, we had settled in to watch Desperate Housewives. Then Jen exclaimed, “There’s a mouse!” Leaving the back door open had apparently allowed critters other than just the dogs to come and go as they pleased. Sure enough, a mouse had charged through the dining room and into the office. Our first reaction was to send in the dogs (they killed a Kinderhook mouse last month). But they proved with their obliviousness why cats, not dogs, are synonymous with mouse hunting.

Regardless, I’m glad the dogs didn’t get to the mouse since he was just a cute little baby mouse. And a fast one at that. After scurrying around from one side of the computer to the other, I was finally able to cup him and scoop him up. I hurt the tip of his tail in the process, but he was otherwise OK (he also didn’t like the flash of the camera). I took him to the edge of the back yard and released him.

Next time the little mouse might not be so lucky if the dogs see him first.

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