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Oprah Nation

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005 · No Comments

Last night Jen and I watched with intrique the Oprah show. You know all those Saturday Night Live skits with the screaming and jumping women in the Oprah audience? It’s all true, as Oprah herself pointed out. The only reason we watched is because Jon Stewart was the guest (followed by Cameron Diaz). He was hilarious, but what I found interesting was contrasting the level of sophistication and intelligence conveyed each night on The Daily Show with the simplistic ideas and messages apparently taught by Oprah each day. What’s strange is that Oprah seems to be like the Pope — she’s clearly loved and worshipped and causes women to cry for no reason but being in her presence. And I suppose she does good things for people, so more power to her. Still, I can’t relate to this strange slice of America that idolizes a single person, be she Oprah or be he Pope.

Speaking of idols like the Pope, you may have heard that the Vatican has elected its new Pope, who’s decided to name himself Benedict XVI. I personally think he should have stuck with Joseph Ratzinger, which has a nice mean ring to it. Here’s to another decade or more of warped 20th Century practices like the oppression of women, gay people, and birth control.

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