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Weekend Recap

Monday, May 2nd, 2005 · 1 Comment

It’s Day 6 of fighting this damn chest cold/cough that I can’t seem to shake — even after two back-to-back nights of Nyquil-induced, knock-me-on-my-ass, cough-suppressing sleep, including a full 12 hours of it Saturday night. Of course, drinking beer at Matt’s “it’s not a bachelor party” party Saturday probably didn’t help my immune system much.

Friday night Alex and Cati came to town and we hit Haweli — delicious as always — then surprised Cati with some birthday cake and Cava. Cati then proceeded to kick all our asses in Karaoke Revolution, despite her claim that she was as bad a singer as I am. I was just glad not to get booed off the stage in either of the two rounds. But even that wasn’t enough to keep me from getting last place.

Yesterday I capped off my weekend with lots of relaxation and TV — Tru Calling and Alias galore. I watched at least five episodes of Season 1, enough to finish it. Sarah was right: “It’s TV crack.” So much so that I returned to my source tonight and swapped Season 1 for Season 2. I’ve already watched two episodes of the second season and am still hungry for more. I wonder if this is how Affleck got hooked on Garner, too?

Most ignorant bumper sticker of all time — seen this weekend on (appropriately) a Porsche Cayenne — which pains me even to repeat it here:

“Support the Troops / Shoot a Reporter”

Oh the irony. What does the proud owner of this bumper sticker think our troops are fighting and dying for, if not the right of Iraqis to enjoy the same freedoms that begin with our First Amendment and the freedom of press? Would he rather America revert to the Saddam-led Iraq or current-day China or North Korea and their government-controlled presses and constrictions of free speech?

What must it be like to live in a world of such ignorance and stupidity, insulated behind the mind-warping metal of a $56,000, 14 MPG-getting, mass-oil-burning Porsche SUV? I hope never to know.

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