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Trackback Spam

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005 · No Comments

I’m sick and tired of deleting oodles of trackback spam on a daily basis, so I’ve finally had enough of these rogue characters who earn seven figures by trying to exploit blogs like mine. No more. I’ve deactivated all trackback links and functionality throughout my site.

Surprisingly, it’s no easy task. First, I had to turn off the Weblog Config option to “‘Allow TrackBack Pings’ On by Default.” Next, I had to do a SQL query on the database (I used phpMyAdmin for its ease of use) to deactivate the allow ping status for all my archives:

    update `mt_entry` set `entry_allow_pings` = 0;

Finally, I had to update my individual and category archive templates to ensure the “Trackback URL” for each entry did not display anywhere on my site.

Before this morning, I had forgotten that final step, so despite the database changes, the trackback spam had somehow snuck through anyway as of this morning. But hopefully that will be the last of it.

I’m all for entrepreneurship, but not when someone else benefits by trying to leverage my Web site as a billboard.

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