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Saratoga Happenings

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005 · No Comments

Friday night Jen, Justin, and I hit the town for a round of bar-hopping — City Tavern, Thirteen, the Wine Bar, and Tin & Lint. We were excited to see the Svedka vodka girls at Thirteen later in the evening (massages, handcuffs, free drinks), much talked up by the bartender, but the reality wasn’t all that exciting, as they strolled calmly around the bar offering nothing but free shots. I was looking forward to a handcuffed massage from a hot vodka model. And I know Jen was, too. Maybe next time.

Saturday we picked up some leaflets from the Democratic HQ and drove around some new developments on the edge of the Saratoga-Wilton border to drop off candidate material — Val Keehn for mayor, Ron Kim for public safety, Matt McCabe for finance commissioner, and John Franck for accounts commissioner. We dropped about 50-60 packets. It took longer than we had anticipated since every house was so far apart and we had to walk the length of all these 50-100-foot driveways. Our designated territory didn’t exactly have the same neighborhood feel that other neighborhoods like ours have. This Thursday is Val’s $5-per-plate fundraiser (PDF link) at Union Gables Inn, designed as a “We The People” event to sharply contrast incumbent Mike Lenz’s recent $500-per-plate exclusive fundraiser at a local mansion.

After raking on Saturday, a downpour of rain came to disguise all our hard work, so it looked like we hadn’t even raked. Apparently this is one of the rainiest falls ever. It sure feels that way. The days are getting shorter, the darkness coming sooner and staying longer. It was still dark when I woke up at 7am today. And the rain continues.

Saturday night my Uncle Michael was in town with his crew for a film shoot. They were filming Sunday at Yaddo a documentary about classical music, hosted by San Francisco Symphony director Michael Tilson Thomas. It was great hanging out with him and my Dad at Longfellow’s, if only for a brief time. We also watched Crash that night, which was an excellent film and lived up to all the positive reviews.

Last night we took my Dad to a birthday dinner at Leon’s for some delicious margaritas, burritos, and chile relleno. Happy day-after your Birthday, Dad!

The 1,999th U.S. soldier was killed in Iraq this morning. When will it end? It’s nearly time for a peace vigil and protest with death 2,000, which, sadly, will probably come this week.

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