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Time Flies

Thursday, December 8th, 2005 · No Comments

Two years ago today I wrote about the going away party that sent us off from San Francisco to Saratoga Springs. I like what I wrote. We didn’t say any goodbyes. And in the five times I’ve been back to San Francisco in the past two years, it feels like I never left — aside from staying in hotels or at Enoch’s place instead of my own. And I still never say goodbye. It’s always, “See ya later!” With email and blogs and the magic of airplanes, the country’s smaller than ever, so I still feel close to all my friends and family who are still in California… though it would be nice if I could talk more of you into moving here!

The past two years have gone by in a flash. We’ve found a new home in Saratoga Springs and have made so many great new friends here. Rather than feeling sad about having left California, I feel lucky to now feel at home on both sides of the country.

It was a year and a week ago that we bought our first fake Christmas tree and put it up in the living room; it hasn’t yet gone up this year but it will this week.

A year ago today the snow had melted a bit and there was slush everywhere. Not so this year. There’s still a thin layer of snow on the ground (though not a whole lot has accumulated yet), and it’s been too cold (20 degrees F this morning) for it to melt too much yet. Two to four inches more of snow are in the forecast for tomorrow, my wife’s birthday.

At 68,762 miles, yesterday I finally got a problem fixed with the WRX that had been bothering me for way too long: The steering wheel had been cocked to the right. A couple years ago (before leaving SF), I had purchased a lifetime alignment from Firestone. Somewhere along the way, they screwed up the position of the steering wheel and refused to fix it. Every time I brought it in, they gave me some BS about how the alignment is fine (which, technically, maybe it was), and that they couldn’t fix the steering wheel. Of course, they just didn’t want to since they weren’t getting any more money from me. So yesterday the guys at People’s Automotive in Wilton did the job — and a kick-ass job they did. Not only did they fix the steering wheel so that it’s straight once again, but they fixed the alignment, too. I’d highly recommend the shop — they really know what they’re doing. The other great car place where I’ve been going is Superior Automotive, also just off Route 9. Nat introduced me that place, and they’ve done a kick-ass job on recent maintenance, too. So screw Firestone.

From an email I received via my contact form last night: Suburban Dog Sled. Aww yeah.

Great holiday gift: Dog books.

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