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Wal-Mart Challenge

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005 · 3 Comments

I don’t shop at Wal-Mart for a number of reasons — it doesn’t treat its workers well (half of its 1.2 million employees are blocked from being eligible for healthcare), it drives small businesses out of town (what choice will we have in shopping before long?), it has a scary amount of control over the global supply chain (it may employee a lot of people, but it also puts a lot of small U.S. manufacturing companies out of business since Wal-Mart sets the price and the only way to comply is by going overseas), etc. — so I was glad to see local bank Adirondack Trust issue a public challenge to Wal-Mart to match its $100,000 fundraising goal for local communities.

Currently, the Wilton Wal-Mart donates about $45,000 locally — pennies for the world’s largest mega-corporation. Today’s editorial in the Saratogian supported the Adirondack Trust’s challenge, and so do I. I would hope and expect that not only will Wal-Mart rise to the challenge, but surpass it by two-, three-, or even tenfold. A million dollars to the communities on which it relies and strips of character should be the least Wal-Mart can do to return the favor.

Wal-Mart Watch

On a somewhat related note, I was also saddened by a letter to the editor in today’s Saratogian to learn that Little India on 423 Broadway will be forced to shut down in January since the property manager has issued an eviction notice — in anticipation of a higher-paying tenant, no doubt. Though not my favorite of the two Indian food places in Saratoga, Little India is part of the charm of Broadway; it’s part of what makes our downtown unique. I just really hope that whoever the property manager of 423 Broadway is has not sold out to a chain store. If so, shame on you. That would be a short-sighted decision that sacrifices the long-term vibrancy of this community.

One year ago today it felt like -26 degrees outside.

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