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Gore Day 2

Monday, January 9th, 2006 · No Comments

After a few long days and nights Thursday through Saturday (hit the town two nights in a row, followed by a dinner party at Anne and Tom’s place), Jen and I decided to treat ourselves to sleeping in Sunday; we slept until 11:30am yesterday. I had decided by noon that I wanted to go skiing for the afternoon. I really love this whole living in the foothills of the Adirondacks thing.

So ski I did. I was on the Northway by 1pm heading to Gore. I arrived at 10 till 2 with a parking spot right at the front of the lot — another benefit of skiing only in the afternoon is getting a great spot and not having to park down the hill and take a shuttle, as is the case if you arrive in the morning for a full day of skiing — and was in the gondola by 2pm.

I had two full hours of awesome skiing. The snow was a bit icier than last time and the sun only peeked out for a moment, but I had a great time nonetheless. I tend to wear my sunglasses when skiing since they’re prescription, so I can see better. However, yesterday I probably would’ve been better off wearing goggles, despite not being able to see as well. Goggles are the way to go when it’s not as sunny, and they also help with the wind in the eyes when cruising down the hill.

On my last gondola ride of the day, I had a strange and unfortunate glimpse into the future of America. It made me not want to have children of my own if they were to turn out like the little punks with whom I shared the gondola, but also made me want to have children of my own to balance out the population and help keep everyone in the next generation from being a bastard. I reluctantly climbed into a gondola with four foul-mouthed pre-teens — no older than 12 or 13. They carried on as if I wasn’t sitting in between two of them, and clearly didn’t see me as an authority figure. The entire six-minute gondola ride was a non-stop barrage of insulting each other (“You’re gay, you fag!” “You’re a chode!” “Your mom’s a rent-a-cop and makes $2 an hour!”), talking tough (“I was at the mall and this rent-a-cop asked me if I was 18, and I walked right past him!”), and demonstrating a total disregard and lack of respect for living creatures (“I was at the mall once and I went to the pet store and I grabbed this rabbit and I shook the stupid thing. It was funny.”). I considered speaking up and putting the little bastards in line, but decided against it since it was almost more interesting to have this rare glimpse into the youth of America (rare for someone like me who’s not a teacher and doesn’t spend much time around kids these days). I knew that had I said anything, they would’ve shut right up and I would’ve missed out on witnessing their shenanigans. That, and after our six-minute ride together, any comments I made would probably have gone not to make a difference in their lives, but would’ve been fodder for later calling me the old chode in the gondola.

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