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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006 · No Comments

linkedin_logo.gif I’m shocked that I haven’t previously written a blog post on LinkedIn. But I just searched my archives and confirmed that I haven’t. LinkedIn is simply the best online networking tool I’ve seen. It’s like Friendster or Orkut for professionals, leveraging the whole six degrees of separation concept. You can search by names, titles, location, or even for specific skill sets if you’re looking for a contractor for a particular project. Recruiters also use LinkedIn to look for employees, so it’s a great way to find a job, whenever you might need one.

After you’ve created a profile and have added just a handful of connections, you’ll be amazed at how fast your network grows. You can browse profiles by industry, location, or company, and can send messages directly to people you know in the network. If you’d like to connect with someone who’s a couple degrees removed, you can request a connection through your mutual contacts.

I just searched my Gmail to see when I first learned of LinkedIn from David, and, coincidentally, it was a year ago tomorrow (January 27, 2005). I signed up for LinkedIn on January 28, 2005, and have been a moderate user of the service ever since. In a year, I’ve added 30 connections to grow my network to more than 119,300 professionals.


Let me know if you’re in LinkedIn and want to connect, or if you’re not already a member and want to join. I’d be happy to invite you.

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