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Week(end) Recap

Thursday, May 18th, 2006 · No Comments

Lately it seems to be taking me until mid-week to write about the weekend that’s just passed, but better later than never. And now it’s Thursday, although I actually started this post yesterday, but then got distracted by posting Mullet Gabe online.

After about two weeks of rain — not good for the outside painting for which we’ve already paid half and only had guys here two days scraping — it looks like today will be a beautiful, sunshiny day with blue skies. Everything has been so green lately. It’s deep spring and hard to believe that summer is just around the corner. During a break in the rain yesterday, I seized the chance to mow the lawn for only the second time this year. It was really overgrown because of all the rain and having it mowed always makes such a huge difference.

At Saturday’s Tulip Fest in Albany, we did see some beautiful tulips with Jack and Kim, but all the vendors were just closing up shop by the time we arrived around 5pm. They Might Be Giants was apparently playing the event, but we arrived just as the show had ended. This was following a visit to Saratoga earlier in the afternoon by Stephanie and baby Ella from western New York. Later that night we enjoyed some late-evening wine and laughs with Alex, Cati, and her mother, in town from Spain.

We celebrated Mother’s Day Sunday at Columbia County’s own Kozel’s Restaurant, where we joined what seemed like half the population of Kinderhook for “dinner” (lunch). We then returned to Alex and Cati the table that we had tried to steal — uh, I mean borrow — that had been in our possession since Jen’s birthday bash in December. The rest of Sunday was spent grocery shopping and making chili.

Monday night we hung out with Justin for the second-to-last episode of 24, followed by four episodes of season two of 24 Tuesday night.

Last night we joined my dad at Longfellow’s for the most excellent half-price appetizer and drink specials, then dropped by Seth and Niki’s place at the lake. We capped the evening with another crazy episode of Lost at Justin’s house. I didn’t yet watch last night’s episode of Alias, but (hopefully) it’s on the DVR.

Next week will be an exciting week for TV fans with 2-hour season finales galore — Desperate Housewives, 24, Alias, and Lost — not to mention tonight’s finale of The OC. I have all these important shows to watch, and I’m still managing to read The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman, so far a very interesting look at our global economy, the power of the individual (through things like blogs), and outsourcing.

Two years ago yesterday we had just received our mortgage commitment letter and were close to closing on our house.

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