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2 Years of Home Ownership

Saturday, June 17th, 2006 · No Comments

Two years and three days ago Jen and I became first-time home owners. June 14, 2004 is when we closed on our house. One year ago I posted this entry: 1 Year of Home Ownership. One of the many cool things about having a blog is for the (public) historical record it creates. I can look back and see what I did or accomplished on a certain day, or even compile a list of things we did to our house during our first year of ownership.

And I wrote down our goals. My mom always taught me from a young age that writing down goals is important — you’re more likely to achieve them that way. And sure enough, if you look at my list of five documented house goals from a year ago, we’ve achieved four of them, and the fifth was prefaced with a “maybe” and is actually a bad idea for anyone who owns an historical home, as we do — “Maybe replace the original windows with modern, more energy-efficient (and less pain-in-the-ass) variety” — so it’s a good thing we didn’t achieve that goal. Not only did we achieve the four goals from the past year, but we went beyond (first four are the documented goals we achieved):

(This isn’t the first time we’ve documented and achieved goals. Maybe there’s something to it after all, eh?)

So in the spirit of documenting house-related goals for the upcoming year, here we go:

  • Flesh out furniture collection
  • Continue to decorate house
  • Replace existing mini blinds with wooden blinds
  • Organize basement
  • Remove downstairs bathroom wallpaper and replace with paint

Two years ago yesterday we were just bonding with our house. Now it feels like we’ve lived here forever.

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