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Thursday, July 6th, 2006 · No Comments

We had one of the busiest, most action-packed, non-stop weekends ever. It was non-stop go from Friday through Tuesday. In fact, I’m still too exhausted and busy recovering to take the time to write about it now. But recap and pictures will be coming soon…

When you’re really psyched about something and spend a lot of time researching it — say a brand-new PowerShot SD600 — it’s a very exciting moment when it finally arrives. The 6MP camera is incredible. It’s smaller than a deck of cards, super-fast, and takes insanely high resolution photos — up to 2816 x 2112 pixels, including 1600 x 1200 postcard and 2816 x 1584 widescreen modes.

Of course, it was a moment of “ahh shit” last night when peering through the camera’s impressive 2.5-inch LCD display in low light, it appeared fuzzy when in camera mode. It’s like static on a TV. And I was convinced it was broken. The display looked fine in playback and video modes. But this morning I did some testing — indoor photos in brighter light and outside — and it actually seems OK. Mainly, the camera’s display doesn’t seem to like our new green paint on our walls, since that’s when the static appears.

Hopefully it’s all good because, as luck would have it, we dropped our old S50 Tuesday night before fireworks and now have only the red screen of death on the old camera. Luckily we had already pulled off all 118 weekend photos from it.

Stella and Happy are famous, having recently appeared on Sarah’s blog.

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