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4th of Ju-party-ly 2006

Saturday, July 8th, 2006 · No Comments

You know you had a crazy, exhausting weekend when it takes you a full week before you can blog about it. So here it is Saturday, and, as promised, I will recap our non-stop adventures last Friday through Tuesday, a 4th of July weekend to remember.

We kicked off the weekend Friday evening with an extended, 8-hour-or-so happy hour, which began at Professor Moriarty’s patio, followed by stops at the City Tavern roof, Thirteen, DA’s, and Trotters. It was a beautiful summer evening to bask in the sunshine on the roof and enjoy libations into the night.

Saturday we packed some night bags and headed to New York City to hang out with my cousin Rose. We hung out with Rose at GP and CM’s beautiful house (reminded me of their other house we visited in London, though Apple wasn’t home this time), enjoyed some delicious Korean food, met her cool friends, and partook of some rooftop shots.

Sunday on our way out of the city, we stopped in Hoboken to see Heather, Saahil, and Poodleman Ollie (a very cool, energetic, playful standard poodle). Then we stopped in Kinderhook for an afternoon BBQ with Karen, Joti, the rest of the Breheny clan and friends. It was damn hot and humid, so after a slow-paced game of badminton, I retreated to the couch inside for most of the afternoon. We then stopped to see my mother-in-law, then capped off our longest day ever by hanging out with Hugh, Jami, and friends, lighting some fireworks into the night. (Quote of the weekend: “This smells like freedom!” –Hugh)

As if our weekend wasn’t already packed enough, we thought we’d have a little shindig on Monday after mowing the lawn and power-cleaning the entire house. So Karen, Joti, Alex, and Justin joined us for a BBQ and drinks at our place. We ate turkey sausages on the porch, made some delicious watermelon vodka slushies, then walked into town. We made stops at Gaffney’s, 9 Maple (martinis after a night of drinking are never a good idea), and Trotter’s — where we suspect certain members of our party were being hit on by a swinger. Aww yeah. Later we entertained ourselves with a photoshoot on our walk home.

Tuesday Jen’s parents joined us for evening appetizers and drinks at Longfellow’s with my dad. The rain poured down and we were worried the evening’s parade and fireworks would be cancelled. Then the skies cleared and it was on. We headed to the packed-with-people Congress Park before having drinks on the Gaffney’s patio, then joining Hugh, Jami, and Alexis on the roof of City Tavern. After watching the fireworks from the street, we finished the evening and action-packed weekend with a few more rounds at the recently-revamped bar of The Wheatfields and finally called it a night around midnight.

Happy birthday, America!

Even more photos:

Fast-forward to this weekend after a week of recovery and doing nothing. Yesterday we had apps and drinks again at Longfellow’s, then crashed out early after some wine on the porch.

Justin’s blog rules 101 are pretty funny if you’ve spent any time scoping out what most of the blogosphere has to offer.

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