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We’re Back!

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006 · No Comments

Hola, America!

We’re home from an amazing Spanish vacation and the most incredible wedding of Alex and Cati. It took us 19 hours to get from Hotel Europa in Madrid yesterday to my in-laws’ place in Kinderhook (left hotel at 7am local time and arrived at 8pm local time / 2am Spain time), and another hour this morning for the final stretch home. Seven of the travel hours yesterday included 7 storm- and flood-filled hours (we drove through several feet of standing water, too) just getting from JFK to Kinderhook. Repeat after me: From now on, I will only fly out of Albany. We’ll have lots of updates and photos to share here soon.

Now we’re just trying to get used to being back in reality and not on vacation — we’ve also secured the dogs from their bed & biscuits — going through nearly 200 emails and uploading nearly 400 photos (don’t worry, we’ll select only the best to share; we would have taken more, but actually had to keep deleting photos to make room for more).

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