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Sarah & Eric’s Disco Party

Monday, September 25th, 2006 · No Comments

As was the case at last year’s event, Sarah and Eric’s Labor Day party yet again rocked the house on Sunday, September 3 (wow, I don’t know that I’ve ever been nearly a month behind on the blogging! In case you missed that last post, here’s why).



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flickr’s long been on my radar, but this marks my first forray into uploading and sharing with the site. I must say that I’m impressed. I think I will still use Kodak as my “master” upload location (especially given flickr’s upload limits unless you pay them), but will start to use flickr to start sharing here. It’s just a lot more flexible, captures an insane amount of metadata about every picture, allows tagging, searching, streaming, sharing, commenting, labeling, and more. (I know I’ve probably just scratched the surface here.) I won’t be surprised if I end up paying flickr the 25 bucks per year or whatever to increase my upload limit to the 2gb per month for the pro account.

But I digress.

Oh right, the party. It was tons of fun. It was also to celebrate Sarah’s birthday (happy birthday, Sarah!). It was to dance and to drink beer and to be merry. And Alex and Cati, back from their Tampa wedding that same night, were troopers as they arrived at the party without even stopping at home. They are to be held on a party pedestal — be it Mallorca or Saratoga or Tampa or Queensbury, there’s no stopping that partyin’ duo!

Things actually got crazier after this album comes to an end, so if you want to see the censored photos, let me know!

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