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Kodak EasyShare Gallery vs. Flickr

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Kodak EasyShare Gallery: No uploading limits, unlimited storage, great prints, fun photo books, public for-fee gallery, but limited online features like commenting and searching.

Flickr: A mere 20 MB per month throughput upload limit for the free account, which already puts me at 75% of my monthly limit for uploading only two events‘ worth of photos last night. But with Flickr comes much better online photo management, community features, tagging, etc. The online organizing and editing is much better than Kodak, as is captioning and tagging each photo. And I can actually link directly to any photo within the context of a photostream or set. What a concept! (This cannot be done with Kodak.) You can even use Flickr as a photo blog, like this. And then there’s that crazy level of metadata for every photo, which I also mentioned last night — everything from type of camera to exposure length to aperture to shuter speed. Pretty awesome how much data is captured with EVERY photo. No such thing on Kodak. (Of course, all that good lovin’ is only captured if you upload the source images vs. resizing before uploading, as I tested last night to see if it would make a difference in bandwidth usage — it doesn’t really, especially if you set the flickr uploader to resize the longest side to 800 pixels.)

But those darn upload limits suck. Even with the pro account, I’d probably only be able to upload new photos, and never be able to go back and upload all my archives.

So as I wrote last night, maybe I just need to use Kodak as my master uploaded archive, and just use Flickr for photos I choose to share here. I’m already paying Kodak $24.95 per year for the Premier account, which really only gives the benefit of a public URL and the ability to download individual high-res photos, both things I could probably live without if chose to redirect that money to Flickr. We already give Kodak plenty of money each year with all the prints and photo books we order. I will have to pay Flickr if I want to continue using them beyond uploading another event or so this month.

I wonder if Flickr has some kind of hidden Super Pro account that would let me go back and upload archives that would exceed the monthly 2 GB upload limit.

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  • 1 Jordan // Oct 1, 2006 at 4:04 am

    Have you tried Picasa Web at Google? It does have a pretty measly limit (200mb) but it’s kind of fun. There’s an export plug-in for iPhoto. I play with all the Google fun.