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Bill Maher in Albany

Monday, October 2nd, 2006 · No Comments

Friday night we had a full crew for the Bill Maher show at the Palace in Albany. We loaded up the party van and rolled 7-deep to the Palace. The party posse included me, Jen, Hugh, Jami, Justin, Amy, and Carla. And Bill Maher was simply awesome.

Maher talked for nearly 2 hours non-stop, touching on everything from his idea for a “Fly at Your Own Risk Airline” (“arrive 5 minutes before take-off, pay cash, bring guns and whatever else you want on board – your boarding pass says ‘Shit Happens'”) to the Christian Right (he read selections from Rick Warren‘s Purpose-Driven Life — “Your goal in life is to make God smile”) to addressing his critics’ charge for hating America first thing in the morning (“No, first I have my coffee, then I burn a flag and perform 5 abortions, then by 2:30 or so I’m ready to hate America”) to the second in command at the FDA (who says that women should pray their PMS away — “How’s that working out for you, ladies of the greater Albany area?”) to how people unquestioningly say that the Lord works in mysterious ways (“just like the microwave”).

We were laughing non-stop and my face hurt after the show.

At the show and elsewhere throughout the night, we kept running into the crew from, who were wearing their Bill Maher for President t-shirts.

After the show we hit the Pump Station and then McGeary’s for some drinks. It was a rockin’ good night.

Amy, Jami, Jen, Gabe @ Palace

Maher fans - Carla, Hugh, Jen, Amy, Jami, Justin

Bill Maher on stage at the Palace

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