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Blog Migration Complete

Sunday, November 26th, 2006 · No Comments

Even though it was a pain in the ass, I think I’ve successfully migrated all my published archives from my old blog to the new domain. Dealing with my 101 Movable Type entries in draft status was a big pain since WordPress has a hard time handling entries in draft — it won’t display them in the authoring interface. So I exported all 1,598 entries from my old site into a text document, manually removed all the entries with a status of draft, then imported the remaining 1,497 published entries into this WordPress blog.

I then moved all the files from my old domain to this one, ran a couple scripts on some directories to handle popup images (which WordPress now makes inline pages containing the images), and voila! Everything appears to be in good shape.

So now all the glory of my former blog can be found here.

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