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Where’s the Snow?

Thursday, November 30th, 2006 · No Comments

Here it is November 30 in the Northeast and the forecast says it’s going to be 66 degrees here in Saratoga Springs today. What the hell? Oh right, global warming. Speaking of which, my copy of an Inconvenient Truth shipped yesterday from Netflix, so I’m really excited to see that.

Regardless, every day I’ve been doing a snow chant (“I want snow! Bring on the snow!”) in hopes that the white fluffy wonder will grace us with its presence sooner than later. Maybe I just got spoiled by the 7 inches we got last year on Thanksgiving Day.

Yesterday I did put the Scott’s winterizer turf builder on my lawn since the ground hasn’t yet frozen, so maybe one positive of global warming is that my grass will at least be green for a while longer.

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