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RIP: James Kim

Friday, December 8th, 2006 · No Comments

CNET has created a very nice memorial to James Kim, their Senior Editor who sacrificed his own life to save his family after their car got stuck in the snow in the Oregon wilderness. After a 7-day search for Kim, his body was found earlier this week.

I think maybe this story hits close to home for me because he was a tech guy from San Francisco who loved his family and friends, and even drove the Saab version of my car (silver, just like mine), I noticed the other day during CNN footage. It’s just such a sad story, but he gave his own life to save the lives of the people he loved. My heart goes out to Kim’s family and friends.
James Kim–family man, gadget fan:

James Kim was a respected expert on cutting-edge digital devices, an owner of a trendy clothing store and a lover of the futuristic-sounding music known as electronica.

Yet, according to friends, most of Kim’s life revolved around old-fashioned values: sacrifice, friendship and family. Those who knew him say they aren’t surprised that Kim, in the last act of his life, demonstrated the ultimate expression of devotion to his wife and daughters.

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