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Holiday Fun

Friday, December 22nd, 2006 · No Comments

Last night we briefly attended a laugh-filled neighborhood get together at Melissa’s place, which was really cool since she’s one of the few people on our street who’s in our age bracket but we’ve never really hung out together. She told everyone about the first time we met when Eric and I showed up on her door step with cigars and beer following the 2004 Saratoga Wine & Food Festival and invited her to play bocce ball with us. Apparently it made a real impression since it’s not every day that two fine (single-looking) guys show up on her door step.

Then it was off to Albany to pick up my mom from the airport, who arrived from California. We ate pizza, drank wine, looked at photo books, and shared memories of Christmas stories past into the night. It’s great having my mom here, and I’m psyched for my dad and brother to come tomorrow, too.

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