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Christmas Marathon 2006

Thursday, December 28th, 2006 · No Comments

It’s been a crazy and wonderful Christmas week. My whole family was here for Christmas, and my mom and brother are still in town. I’ve been really happy to have them all here. My dad flew home the day after Christmas.

Who knew Christmas could be such a party? Along with my immediate family (together for the first time since Thanksgiving 2003), we were joined by my mother-in-law and our extended family, Hugh and Jami. And we partied and were merry all day and all night (from about 11am to 4am).

My dad was here the shortest duration (24th through 26th), and it was great of him to make such a long trip from California for such a short time. It seems like he was gone in a flash. He was here long enough to join us for dinner and a candlelight service with the in-laws in Kinderhook (I only dozed off once).
Peter will be here through New Year’s, so he’ll be able to party in 2007 with us. He, Justin, and I tore up the town with just another crazy Tuesday night this week, with stops at Brindisi’s, Esperanto, DA’s, T&L, and The Bullpen, which was an unusual stop since we never go there; I think my excuse for dancing actually scared all the Skidmore girls off the dance floor.

(Random side note: Last Friday night we took my mom to dinner at Forno, where Justin joined us, too.)

Merry Christmas to all!

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