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We Did Not Have $1 Million

Friday, June 15th, 2007 · No Comments

The ever-poignant and hilarious Mark Morford has a column today that really hits home for this San Francisco ex-pat. Morford writes about the common plight of pretty much everyone who loves and lives in San Francisco: The inability to buy one’s own real estate. This was one of the many reasons that prompted our move here to the East Coast.

I Do Not Have $1 Million | Ergo, I cannot buy a delicious home in San Francisco. Ergo, I am screwed forever:

It is a common refrain indeed: You love the city? You don’t come from money and you don’t have a giant trust fund and you totally forgot to sell your soul to the devil/Rupert Murdoch in exchange for a Stanford MBA and a deeply unsatisfying but incredibly lucrative gig working 14-hour days in the Financial District and getting drunk the rest of the time out on the huge deck of your really, really nice split-level Edwardian remodel in Noe Valley?

It’s so nice to live in a place where you can buy your own home — with more than 1 bedroom and your own yard and garage and not in a giant building in an inconvenient location — for much less than a million dollars.

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