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Dan & Shira’s Wedding

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 · No Comments


Big congrats to our friends Dan and Shira, who were married right here in Saratoga Springs on Sunday! The wedding service itself was beautiful, and it’s safe to say that Jen and I came to tears at least once (though Jen more so than me). Dan and Shira were clearly one very happy couple, and we were glad to be part of the celebration.

Another benefit of the occasion was getting to reconnect with old friends, including Kat and Jess, in town from Bogotá and San Francisco, respectively. We also got the chance to hang out with lots of other fun, fellow Vassar alums, including another Jess, another Jen, and Liza. (A visual aid: 2 Jesses and 2 Jens.)

All that and it was two full days of celebrating — there was a Saturday night reception at the beautiful Mansion Inn, followed by the Sunday afternoon wedding at the exquisite Canfield Casino in Congress Park.

Enjoy our photos (reception & after-party at our house | wedding & reception)! I’m sure Niki and Seth’s photos will be even more incredible, as always.


Again, big congrats to Dan and Shira! We’re all very happy for you.

(There was more partying on our part following the wedding — Father’s Day dinner at Gotchya’s, drinks at 9 Maple, and dessert shopping at Hannaford (yes, much more fun than it sounds) — but I’ll save those photos for other posts.)

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