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Brian’s Wine Tasting Party

Sunday, July 8th, 2007 · No Comments

Here comes the first of a series of blog posts featuring events from the past several weeks of nonstop summer fun in Saratoga and beyond!

Our series begins with photos from Brian’s June 21 wine tasting party, featuring delicious cuisine, tasty wine, and some raucous Cranium action. Team Gabe/Jen/Brian kicked some ass, though Jen and I had the honor of bringing the losing bottle of wine (Blackstone Merlot). Sarah’s Australian boomarang wine was among my favorites, but alas, it didn’t win, either.

And, of course, what party would be complete without the crowd-pleasing sounds of my infamous sweet karaoke tunes? Here’s one crowd member’s look of delight at hearing the glorious notes flow from my wind pipes. And look how honored these two look to be in the presence of a karaoke legend. Eric and I rocked at least a couple karaoke duos before getting booed off the virtual stage.


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