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Yappy Hour

Friday, July 13th, 2007 · No Comments


Everyone’s writing about it. And all the dogs are doing it.

Every Thursday this summer, Broadway shop Sloppy Kisses is hosting Yappy Hour at The Inn at Saratoga, a bit further south down Broadway. The event started June 21, but last night was our first time going, and Happy Dingo McGee made his debut, along with his friend Isaac (who also brought his dad, Justin).

There were dogs everywhere — lining the aisles alongside last night’s doggie beauty pageant and throughout the courtyard of the hotel. Some were dressed in dresses and hats and boas for the pageant, and some (like Happy) were just there to chase the tail. It was quite the scene and Happy had stimulation overload — he didn’t understand why he couldn’t just run in circles, herd all the dogs, and play his little heart out. He barked and jumped and tried to play with every dog he passed. I think he was pretty good overall.

We ran into a handful of my fellow Steeplechasers and their dogs. We even met another girl from Kinderhook! (And her dog Lilly.) As I told the girl, Katie, I think it was the first time in the 8 years Jen and I have been together that we’ve met someone else actually from Kinderhook (while not in Kinderhook, that is).

Following Yappy Hour, we walked back to Justin’s house for some pizza and hanging out with Joe. On the way, we walked past UPH, where a performance by the Lake George Opera summer camp was letting out. We ran into and chatted a bit with Jen H.D. and Dana.

I love our small and vibrant city.

Here are some photos of Happy and Isaac on their way to Yappy Hour (unfortunately, the camera battery died, and I didn’t have the backup with me, so no photos from the actual Yappy Hour).

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