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BBQ Photo Fun

Saturday, July 14th, 2007 · No Comments


Last night Anne, Tom, and Justin joined us for some great summer grillin’, gamin’, and goofin’ (OK, that’s a cheesy sentence, I know, but hey, it fits).

We enjoyed a plethora of tasty summer dishes — broccoli, turkey burgers, fake chicken patties, coleslaw, homemade cornbread, multiple pasta salads, and even Jen’s homemade chocolate chip cookies later in the evening.

Tempers flared in a fierce round of Taboo (in which the boys got spanked by the girls, as usual — oh wait, that sounds naughty). We laughed our asses off into the wee hours of the night (about 2am or so) and cracked up at the silly photos we took (having party hats on hand is always a good thing).

Justin declared Jen’s coleslaw the best he’s ever had, and encouraged her to enter the world championship of coleslaw making. Hmm, is there such a thing? Regardless, I agree. And I generally don’t even like coleslaw (except for Jen’s).

Many of the photos (full set here) — particularly those in the fun group shots with lots of poses — are from Tom’s camera, so he (and his automated multi-photo taking feature) get credit for those (we transferred them to my computer last night).

The summer fun continues… onward ho!

(On a not-so-fun aside, we had our local plumber/neighbor here today to look at a bulge in the ceiling over our front door. We tore down part of the ceiling to let the wood dry. Although there’s no visible evidence of such in our bedroom above the area, the window air conditioning unit seems to be the culprit since the angle was off, not allowing the moisture to drain properly onto the roof. So now we have a hole in our ceiling that’ll need fixing at some point soon.)

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