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European Travel BBQ

Friday, July 20th, 2007 · No Comments

Wednesday night we had Sarah and Eric over for a fajita BBQ dinner — delicious grilled chicken and portobello with all kinds of goodies like peppers, guacamole, sour cream, and hot sauce. Sarah and Eric were just back from their two-week European vacation to France and Italy, so we wanted to hear all about it and exchange Italy notes with them since they had visited the same main cities (Rome, Florence, Venice, Sienna) we’d visited during our 2002 trip to that most excellent country.


Without knowing our story behind limoncello, they brought us a bottle to thank us for hooking them up with our 2002 Rick Steves Italy travel guide, which ended up “making our trip” since it led them to the highlight of their trip in Cinque Terre (though Jen and I haven’t yet been there, two other friends recommended it before they left).

And speaking of travel, last night I got really into creating my TripAdvisor Travel Map — yeah, they sucked me in by promoting a one trip per year for ten years contest — and have so far pinned 191 destinations of places I’ve been. I’ve gotten pretty detailed in some cases, zooming way into the Saratoga Springs vicinity and San Francisco Bay Area. It’s fun. It uses Google Maps. Here’s a screenshot of how my map looks so far:


By the way, let me know if you want me to invite you to TripAdvisor — it’s a really cool site — and if you do, and you accept my invitation and build your map, then I get another entry into the trip contest (and you can then do the same). 🙂

Finally, a 4.2 earthquake rocked the Bay Area this morning, and my Dad, the Earthquake Hound, has already emailed me about it from Marin, where it woke him up, but all is well.

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