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Brewery & DeLorean

Saturday, July 21st, 2007 · 1 Comment

The Olde Saratoga Brewery — location of my awesome 30th birthday party — is the best kept secret in town. Not only is the beer really damn good (and strong), but you can hang out there all night and spend a whopping 10 bucks. Since it’s technically a tasting room and not a bar, you don’t actually buy the beer. Rather, you buy souvenir glasses — 2 glasses for $4. Conveniently, each pint glass comes filled with the beer of your choice. So one “round” is 2 beers, which is $4. Two rounds is 4 beers, which is $8. Throw in a $2 tip (at least), and you’re good to go for only $10. Where else can you do that?


Last night we had a chill evening at the brewery — which also happens to be really close to our house — with Justin, Anne, and Tom. And we even saw a DeLorean parked outside. The license plate? BACINTYM. How cool is that?


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