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Alexis’ Wine Tasting Birthday

Saturday, November 10th, 2007 · No Comments


In the great tradition of wine tastings past — including Jen’s 30th and Alex and Cati’s summer Sauvignon Blanc bash, all inspired by our Bay Area tasting days — Alexis hosted a blind Riesling tasting for her birthday last Saturday.


As usual — Wine Club #2 being the exception — Jen and I did not win. Annie and Andrew brought the winning Riesling, and Sarah and Eric took one for the team, bringing up the rear — though I think there may have been some fuzzy math since they really just wanted the last place prize of Cheez Wiz and a 40. First Justin and then Sarah tried to turn the evening into a Coors Light tasting, then Sarah busted out some Cheez Wiz h’orderves full of the letter “A” for Alexis (though Annie might argue what the “A” really stood for).

By the end of the evening, the wine tasting had somehow turned into a dance party with Reddi Whip battles between Annie and yours truly. I think the next tasting party we throw should be a Cheez Wiz-Reddi Whip showdown.

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Enjoy a couple videos from the country dance portion of the evening (note my infamous and patented Jazz Hands — made public with the screening of “Behind the Music: The Gabe A_nderson Story,” originally screened at My Awesome 30th Birthday Party — in the second video):

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