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Alex’s Surprise Birthday Party

Saturday, November 10th, 2007 · No Comments


Alex was a key member of Jen’s team of masterminds who pulled off My Awesome 30th Birthday Party. He also directed and produced the hilarious and most excellent video that was one of the highlights of my party (what’s that? you still haven’t seen it? let me know if you want to!).

Last night in Albany, the tables were turned and I was part of the team behind Alex’s own surprise birthday party. He had told Cati once that she should never bother trying to surprise him since he’d know. He was surprised and had no idea. Alex thought he and Cati were heading to a potluck, but little did he know that another potluck was coming to him.

Here’s a video I captured shortly after we all arrived at Alex and Cati’s place (where he confesses that just minutes prior he had been cooking in his underwear):

Here’s the look on Alex’s face when we all showed up at his door:


With two near kitchen fires, delicious food, and a game of Boys vs. Girls Trivial Pursuit (the Girls won … barely), it was a rockin’ evening and tons of fun celebrating Alex’s birthday (turns out we weren’t dissing him all week after all — as he thought we were).


View more photos above, in Pictobrowser, or on Flickr

Alex’s birthday cake video:

View more photos from Tom (he also gets the photo credit for the photo at the top of this post).

Happy Birthday, Alex!

(Bonus link: Last year’s Birthday Ode to Alex.)

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