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Tubers, Bloomers, Toasters

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008 · No Comments


Monday was one hell of a way to say goodbye to 2007 and bring in the new year. The day started with a 9:30am invitation from Hugh, Jami, Eric, and Michele to join them for snow tubing at West Mountain — and after 6-plus inches of snow the night before, I just couldn’t say no. So tubing we went (OK, so maybe there was a pre-tubing stop at the bar):


Here’s what my first run looked like from my perspective:

Hugh rolled down a hill. Jami challenged a 4-year-old to a snowflake eating contest.


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Later on, we had a 6pm Eastern Time / 12am Spanish time New Year’s Eve toast, complete with the 12 grapes Spanish tradition. We leveraged the same bell chiming .WAV file we customized for the experience last year.

Before heading out to Bloomers, I got to try on my new shirt (though “it’s not a shirt, that’s a way of life“), which went perfectly with my ‘stache, might I say. Jen was obviously pleased (“that mustache is made of the shards of my broken heart,” she said more than once that night).


En route to Bloomers, Alex and Eric tried to score with their ladies in the party van (why do you think it’s called the party van?):


We had (yet another) delicious meal at Bloomers — this time it was 6 courses and the consensus was that all but the stinky cheese were superb. Jen and I actually enjoyed the cheese, but it was really pungent (our strategy was to eat each piece with the pear accompaniment while pushing the plate aside).


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we rendezvoused with Hugh, Jami, Eric, Michele, Justin, Seth, and Niki for a few hours of post-midnight party fun. Jami wore a tux, which Sarah inspected:

We raced home in time to see the clock strike midnight midnight:

It was a rockin’ good time and a really long, action-packed day. The post-Bloomers party only lasted a few hours given its late start — but Jen, Niki, and I managed to rock out to some Tom Petty, Hugh kept the porch diving tradition alive, Jami showed us all how it’s done with the Alcohawk, we all rocked some Taboo, and I, of course, had mustache admirers galore.


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Happy 2008, one and all! Here’s to another year of good friends and good times!

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