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iPod, Nike+, Dave Running Challenge

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 · No Comments

I have lots to write about — including my rockin’ vacation last week to San Francisco and Sacramento, and the fact that I’m now officially registered with Team in Training for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in San Diego (more on both those updates later this week)! — but first: It’s time for yet another challenge.

First, it was the Anderson Brothers Mustache Growing Competition 2007. Next, it was the challenge to myself to run a half-marathon (challenge still in effect, training underway).

Now, it’s time for a new challenge: To run as many miles as I can in the next 30 days. My coworker Dave has been doing the Nike+ thing for a while now and helped encourage me to get one. So now we’re officially in a 30-day miles challenge, and you can see our live progress right here, effective with today’s miles (4.53 for me and 4.55 for Dave — and hey, before anyone gives me shit, he’s on the West Coast so he knew what he had to beat 🙂 ):

It’ll be fun to watch our challenge progress. Bring it, Dave! I’m sure you’ll be rubbing in that that 60-degree temperature difference we have… plus the fact that I’m getting up to 7 inches of snow as I write tonight, which will put a cramp in my running tomorrow, no doubt.

Can I just say how awesome my new toy is? It’s a shiny (red) iPod Nano with the Nike+ Sports Kit and armband. It was the first gadget I’ve bought in ages, but given how much I’ve been running lately and how much I enjoy tracking the data, I figured it was time to do so accurately (it was either this or a cheap stopwatch). My old-school iPod just wasn’t cutting it on runs and was pretty bulky, too.

Here are a couple photos of the new treats shortly after I bought them:

ipod nano


Now all my miles get automatically updated to the Nike+ Web site whenever I synch it with iTunes. There’s a whole new interface I get to use, which even logs little dots on map at the points where I press the center button on my iPod to get current pace, distance remaining, and elapsed time. It also automatically logs miles to the old interface I’ve been using, which I’ve posted here a couple times before.

Here’s my current mileage (through today) on the old interface (yup, that’s 9 miles since yesterday):


…and on the new (this one shows 8.54 miles since the first half-mile I ran yesterday was to calibrate my Nike+ adapter, so it didn’t count toward my workout):


Let the running games continue!

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