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102.29 Miles Since December 26!

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I did it: Yesterday I passed a major milestone in my training and have now officially run more than 100 miles since I started training on December 26, 2007!

102.29 miles

My 5.03-mile run yesterday pushed me to 102.29 miles. 97.09 of those miles are in 2008 and more than half (59.78 miles or 58.4%) are in the past 4 weeks alone.

With Monday’s run in the Spa State park with Happy Dingo, I also broke into the 7-minute pace range, averaging 7:58 per mile. It was 50 degrees and I ran sans hat and in short sleeves. Yesterday’s run was tougher since it dropped down to 33 degrees, was really windy, and I was wearing my heavier, baggier warm-up workout pants instead of my pimped out running pants, so I really appreciated the difference the right gear makes — I felt the wind drag on my pants, so my pace slowed to an average of 8:16 per mile.

I’ve also been dealing with this blister on my right heel and a corresponding hole that’s already worn in my new shoes, so yesterday I tried sans Super Feet in my right shoe and this lock-lace technique on both shoes. Locked lace will stay, right Super Foot will come back.

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