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Miles Challenges

Sunday, March 16th, 2008 · 1 Comment

As I wrote about in February, my coworker Dave and I spent 30 days engaged in a miles challenge. Two other coworkers, Magnus and Robert, joined the challenge late, and Dave was battling the flu. With 96.32 miles in 30 days, I won the first challenge:

The very next day (Thursday, March 13), Challenge II began with 5 of us (Cecil joined the 4 of us from last time), and is already proving to be a tough battle between Dave, Magnus, and me for the leading position:

As of tonight, with 22.88 miles since Thursday, I pulled ahead of the pack following my 6.49-mile pre-dinner run (and also boosted by my 10.12-mile TnT run yesterday). I set a new per-mile record in my run today (7:24 in mile 1). Magnus currently holds the #2 spot with 21.17 miles and Dave is in the #3 spot with 16.56 miles.

This was also a record week for me, with 5 runs (M, T, Th, Sat, Sun) and 32.64 miles!

Speaking of dinner, Jen made a most delicious baked ziti tonight, which we enjoyed with Jen’s mom, Jane. It was perfect post-running, carblicious cuisine.

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