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Day 15 Mustache: Yeah, I Look Good

Friday, November 21st, 2008 · 1 Comment

Even though it’s still November, it feels a little more like January. I’ve gone running the past two days in 18-degree weather — after being totally out of commission on Tuesday with a crazy one-day sickness that left me  nauseous, dizzy, overheated, and barely able to stand up (there’s a debate in the Anderson household about whether it was food poisoning or a one-day flu; either way, after sleeping for 12+ hours, I was good as new Wednesday) — which is really freakin’ cold. Last winter 9 degrees was about the coldest weather in which I ran.

Yesterday wasn’t so bad — it was a rough start, but by mile 5 or 6, I had warmed up, and it was a whopping 23 degrees by the time  I’d finished my 8.1 miles, which included 5×600-meter intervals in miles 5 through 7.37. Today was a different story: My right knee felt sore, I was hobbling along, and my pace barely broke 9 minutes (8:48 average over 4). I threw in some pathetic 6×100-meter intervals at the end.

Regardless, this is Day 15 of ABMGC 2008 and I’m overdue for an update photo. So without further ado, here’s the awesomeness that was me when I came in from my run (note frosted balaclava and my extreme fashion sense with coordinated red and maroon):


My balaclava brings all the girls to the yard. You know you want it, Pete.

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