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Is it March Already?

Monday, March 2nd, 2009 · 2 Comments

March 2, 2009. Woah. And the last blog entry I wrote here was February 7. OK, I’ve officially been slacking on the Blog Master G front.

Too many online presences, too little time. Life online was much easier when I only had a single blog to maintain. Now I have everything from my Facebook profile to my technology blog (also slacking there) to my work blog. I also have a Twitter account for work and recently created a couple accounts for myself (mostly to reserve the names), should I one day be inspired to start publishing to yet another online outlet (I even have 3 followers on my new Twitter account before I’ve even posted anything).

Random updates of late (so I can’t be accused of not living up to my tagline — (Everything I Do) I Blog It For You):

  • I’ve been fighting a stupid cough for the past week; I rarely get sick (maybe 1 day per year), so this is especially unusual for me.
  • On February 18 I donated blood for the 15th time in my life. Maybe being down a pint of blood, combined with all my running and still going out to party and drink, has contributed to this damn cough.
  • Father John’s Cough Medicine rules (see below photo, which I uploaded to Facebook on Saturday after purchasing from Menges & Curtis in downtown Saratoga Springs).
  • I upgraded this blog and yesterday to the latest version of WordPress (2.7.1). I was previously running 2.3, I believe, so I was really in need of an upgrade.
  • We hosted a really fun Wine Club last Sunday, so I need to blog about that (and the previous Wine Club on October 30, about which I apparently never blogged, either).
  • Jen and I did our taxes yesterday (or, at least, organized everything to send to our tax preparer), which is always a good feeling.
  • Jen and I went on a hot date last night to see He’s Just Not That Into You, which, yes, is a chick flick, and which yes, I really enjoyed.
  • I ran 155.4 miles in January 2009 and 107.25 miles in February 2009. Yeah, I know, I’m a slacker. I blame it on the shorter month and on being sick the past week.


Gabe & his new friend, Father John, compounding fine cough syrup since 1855

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  • 1 spirit ofl ife // Mar 3, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    So who developed this type of ending forst ?

    “Noting that he generally sets a moderate pace in a race, the governor said he likes to sprint the final leg because “for some reason, I find it amusing to catch people at the end.” [NY Post]

  • 2 Blog Master G // Mar 6, 2009 at 8:35 am

    I think it’s clear the Governor has been reading my blog and is stealing my moves.